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Welcome To Pet Shots Photography

Pet Shots Photography Studio is located in Richmond, MELBOURNE, Australia. 

Photographer Lesley O'Donnell's focus is to CAPTURE THE LOVE YOU FEEL FOR YOUR FURRY FRIENDS. If you are looking to show the CHARACTER of your individual pets, the RELATIONSHIPS they have with each other and the CONNECTION they share with you then Pet Shots Photography is the right studio for you as that is exactly what our pet photographer loves to do.

Every pet photography session, whether photographed in our studio, your home or at a favourite location, is designed around these features. Lesley ensures unique images with which to remember the rich contribution your pets add to your life and your sense of well being. She aims to make your heart skip a beat each time you proudly glimpse the pet portraits decorating your home or collated as a story in a keepsake album

To see more of the pets Lesley has photographed view our dog gallery, cat photos and images of other pets as well as our recent photography sessions. Then, if these images inspire you to enjoy some memorable fun with your own fur babies, please get in touch and find out more.

Why Choose Us

  • Our awarded photographer Lesley O'Donnell is patient, kind, creative, courteous and committed to capturing the love you feel for your pets 
  • She spends the necessary time to ensure heartfelt images for you to enjoy forever
  • You deal exclusively with Lesley, our photographer, throughout
  • Lesley is skilled at photographing people as well as pets so you can be assured you too will look great
  • We offer a range of quality products that will complement your home
  • We GUARANTEE fun, meaningful moments and of course GREAT PET SHOTS

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Meet our Photographer

Lesley O'Donnell, the photographer at Pet Shots Photography, is gifted at capturing the individual personalities of your pets and she loves photographing the special bonds you share with them. She is fun and easy to work with.


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